Marking buried cables

Energy cables laid in the ground must be resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and corrosion. The same requirements apply to cable markers, they must be durable and legible for as long the projected service life of the system, up to 30 years. Our range includes solutions that have been accepted by energy companies responsible for energy distribution worldwide.

Marking buried cables

Buried cable markers must offer exceptional durability. We make cable markers in accordance to the standards and guidelines of energy companies across Europe. For marking buried cables we offer flexible plates manufactured from 1 mm thick durable plastic, available in four colours and several sizes with room for up to 7 lines of text. You may print your own markers, resistant to abrasion and weather, using our thermal printers, or have them produced to your specification by Partex. For more demanding applications, we suggest AISI 316L stainless steel embossed markers. These markers, with custom text, can be manufactured and delivered in just 24 hours.

Marking of connection boxes

Power connection boxes are likely to be exposed to direct UV radiation, rain, high and low temperatures. For their identification, we recommend engraved plates or flexible , UV-resistant foam backed labels. The label or plate with identification information may be glued, riveted or bolted in place.

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