We are now very proud to present the Promark T-2000, a really strong successor to our very popular Promark T-1000 thermal transfer printer.

The PROMARK printer is a compact and portable marking machine for cable, wire and component marking. Feeds, writes and cuts profile from Partex. 


- Promark Creator GO an app that makes it possible to control the printer from, for example, the mobile phone

- Partex Cloud - possibility to save Promark Creator files in the cloud

- Bluetooth connection or USB connection

- Power supply via battery or mains

- Printing on one or more devices simultaneously

- More font sizes and extended symbol library

- More languages; English, Swedish, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Turkish and Russian.

- Expanded internal storage from 60,000 characters to 250,000 characters.

PROMARK CREATOR GO The PROMARK CREATOR GO app makes it possible to control the printer and start printing from, for example, the mobile phone. This greatly increases flexibility and mobility!

  • Bluetooth connection Great advantage in difficult conditions, eg working in the field, on construction sites or where no computer is available.

  • PROMARK Cloud Possibility to upload / download Promark Creator files in the cloud for increased availability.

  • Download App Android > Play Store iOS > App Store

POWER SUPPLY In addition to the fact that the T-2000 can be connected to the mains, it can now also be powered by six AA batteries with a capacity of 1900 mAh each.  This increases mobility, as access to the electricity grid is not necessary.

PROFILE HEATER Profile heater is available as an option and is designed to support all compatible sizes of Partex profiles. The heater helps to achieve optimal print quality even at low temperatures (+5C to +18C)


WE ARE HAPPY TO TELL YOU MORE! Erik Haglund Tel. (+46) 0551 18080, epost  Jakub Majdakt Tel. +46 (0)551 28014, epost

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