1. What does the message "No ribbon information. No ribbon amount displayed" mean?
This message means that the printer cannot read information from the ribbon’s chip (T800-RB-BLACK). However, it does not prevent the printer from working or using the ribbon for printing the materials.

2. Why does the T800 printer display the message "No media" or "End of media", even though there is a profile inside the printer?
While printing big numbers of wide materials, the spring, which is the part of sensors’ system, presses the tube attachment and might stay in the upper position. This will result in the spring not touching thin material when trying to printl. Make sure that the plate of the feeder is in a lower position.

3. The ribbon (T800-RB) was torn?
Tearing the ribbon (T800-RB-BLACK) is caused, in most cases, by the lack of adjusting to the working conditions.

4. Why is the print on the marker illegible or part of the print is missing (“white line effect”)?
Please remember that “Low temperature could make the print unclear. The profile warmer ensures a proper print even in a low temperature, that is 5-15 degrees C.” If the temperature of the surroundings, as well as the temperature of the printed material is right, and the print is still illegible, raised the head’s temperature to 5.

5. What does the “Cannot initialize print head position” message means?
This message means that the mechanism responsible for moving the head of the printer is blocked. Unfortunately in this case the printer needs to be sent to our technical support department in order to unblock the mechanism.

6. How do I print in PO-068Q and PO-06Q10?
When printing on the PO-068Q, the PHM CLEAR(6,4) profile mode should be chosen in the menu. Before printing the first time you need to do some adjustments on the settings for PHM CLEAR. These settings will be saved to PHM CLEAR and as long as you don’t reset the machine the settings will be saved for later use.

  1. Change the lead adjustment
    Choose [adjust] on the keyboard -- PHM CLEAR -- LEAD ADJUST -- change the lead adjustment to; left 2,5.
  2. Control that the machine is set to; CLEAR TUBE REVERSE.
    Choose [func] -- CLEAR TUBE REVERSE -- choose ON.

For the best result, remove the profile cleaning kit guide.

In order to print on PO-06Q10, use same settings as for PO-068Q but chose PHM CLEAR (4,8).

Tutorial viedos:

In order to make it easier for you to get started with your PROMARK T-800 we have produced a few tutorial videos. You'll find them by following us on YouTube (just search for PartexAB).