Plastic profiles

1. Does UV light have an effect on your markers?
UV light always effect the plastic in some way. For outdoor use we recommend that you use our stainless steel option, PKS.

2. Can I get marker sleeves in different colours?
Yes you can get markers that follow the International colour code

3. Do you have markers for already connected wires?
Yes, we have some alternatives in what we call open markers. Look for PC and PCA markers under Products.

4. Do you have any halogen free markers?
Yes Partex have halogen free markers called Zerex. All our halogen free products have a Z (for Zerex) in the article number. For example, the halogen free version of our PA-1 is called PAZ1.

5. In what temperatures can I use Partex?
Ordinary PA-markers can be used in temperatures of up to 60°C.
PAZ-markers (Halogen free) can be used in temperatures of up to 80°C
We recommend stainless steel (PKS) for higher temperatures. 

6. Can the text be printed in a different colour than black?
Yes, it is also available in white, but then it must be thermo transfer printed. This will increase the price. Contact Partex for more information.