Order markers

1. What do you mean with single characters (M1), multi characters (M2) and do it yourself (M3)?
Single characters, Standard, Method 1 (M1) are the same.

When using single characters, you use pre-printed characters and combine them yourself on a wire or pipe to display what you want.

Multi characters, Customized, Method 2 (M2)

You can send us a document or a file containing the information you want on a sleeve. We print the marker information for you. By doing this you don’t have to combine the information character by character yourself. (For more information, see question 2)

Do it yourself, Method 3 (M3)

You print your own markers on site by using a printer and software. You print your marker information on blank Partex profile.
2. How can I order multi character markers?
You need to send us a document containing the marker information you want us to print. You can send it to the nearest Partex office.

Make sure that your document you send to us contains following information:

    The marker information
    The area of the wire on what the sleeve should be mounted on
    Colour of the sleeve
    An example of how you want the information to be printed on the sleeve.
    How you want to sort the markers
    Your contact information
    Shipping address
    Billing address
    (Your customer number at Partex)

We can use file formats such as Word, Excel and ordinary text files. Some files, however; we will need to edit and then we will charge you an editing cost.
If you don’t have any documents etc. to send us, you can create an Excel-file or something similar. Just make sure that the file contains the information in the list above. You can type in the information row by row. You can use one or several columns to type in all the marker information. Make sure that all the information on one row is for on marker sleeve.
EKLK 5G1,5    Yellow
J3445    -     2    -    101
You can also send PDF-files, paper copies, faxs etc. However, if you do we will have to type this information in manually, generating extra cost and time for your shipment.
Contact Partex for more information.