1. Why do I get a bad printing result on the profile?
If the printer or the profile is too cold then the printing head has difficulty to transfer the ribbon onto the profile. Make sure that both the printer and the profile have a temperature of 20-24°C. You can also put the printer in LOW temp mode that you will find under the OPTION button.

High humidity can also affect the printing result. Wait and print out your markers when the humidity is lower.
2. Why do I get two large horizontal lines in the text on larger profiles?
Then you have probably encountered what we call “the dog bone syndrome”

Two grooves occur at the top and at the bottom of the profile when the width of the profile is almost as wide as what the printer can print on. Choose a smaller font size so that the characters are printed more in the middle of the profile.
3. Why can’t I use the Compact Flash card?
You may need to format the cad if you have used it in a digital camera or something similar. Open the folder My Computer and right click on the unit for the card. Choose format.
Note: The card should be formatted in FAT 16

The card can also be damaged. Change to another card and se if it works better.    
4. Why isn’t the text positioned right on the marker?
This question has many answers. Make sure that you have done all the printer settings for just your profile type according to the Quick Start.

You must have guide cassettes if you are printing on PP- and PO-68TW profile. By using the cassette the profile is better guided into the printer and the text is printed in the same level.

If you don’t have a Quick Start you can download it from our homepage under the choice Download.    
5. Why do I get a vertical unprinted line on some markers?
This is a very common problem with thermo transfer printers. The needles in the printing head that transfer the ribbon onto the profile cools off when the printer stops to cut the profile. When it is finished with cutting the profile the printer starts to feed the profile forward before the printing head starts to write and you will get an unprinted vertical line in the text.

You can’t make this disappear completely, but you can try to adjust the settings in the printer so that when the printer stops to cut the profile the position of the printing head is between two characters.
6. Why do I have a thin horizontal line on the marker? It doesn’t disappear when I change to another profile.
The printing head has probably been scratched. You need to send the printer to Partex, so that we can replace the printing head.    
7. Why is some information missing when I use a saved file on the printer?
This question has many answers. The file is saved as a CSV format and how this CSV format looks like varies from country to country depending on what sign you have to separate decimal numbers.

The easiest way to solve this is by using the software WinSign from Partex. You can download that for free from our homepage that works with the MK9-CE. If you have a MK9-NG, then you will find a more advanced version of WinSign in the MK9 carrying case.  

WinSign will help you check for characters that are not supported in the file format. It will also split the file in smaller files in case your file contains more characters then the MK9 can store in its memory. You can import these special characters when using the software for the MK9-NG. You can’t use that software for MK9-CE.
8. I’m looking for some European characters, where can I find them?
You will find these in a symbol library that you can access by using SHIFT and the button CODE (Diacr).

Note: If you have a MK9-CE, you can’t import these characters from a file. You must add them manually after that you have imported the file.