1. Why has my plotter pen stopped working?
The ink that we are using is an etching ink. This means that it penetrates the material it is written on. This also means that it dries very fast.

It is very important that you put the pen back into the pen cap when the plotter has stopped writing. The tip of the pen starts to dry in only a few seconds.

2. What should I do to make the plotter ready for receiving information from a computer?
If you want to print out markers from a computer to the MK1 you need to have a MK1 computer cable and our software Winsign.

You must put the MK1 in a special mode so that it knows that it will receive information from the computer. This mode is called Plot Mode and you must press down Start Check and Funct 3 at the same time to put it in this mode. You know its ready if you can read Plot Mode in the display.

3. Why do I get the message WRITE_PROTECTED when I turn on the plotter?
The plotter can’t read the program cassette. Try with another program cassette and if that doesn’t work the plotter needs to be repaired. Contact your local dealer.