Type Description Marker tag
length x height
per card
Material Suitable holder
PFC04212 Marker tag- wire 12 x 4.2 21 ABS PT+, PTZ+, PTC
PFC04215 Marker tag- wire 15 x 4.2 21 ABS PT+, PTZ+, PTC
PFC04218 Marker tag- wire 18 x 4.2 21 ABS PT+, PTZ+, PTM, PTC
PFC04221 Marker tag- wire 21 x 4.2 21 ABS PT+, PTZ+, PTM, PTC
PFC04230 Marker tag- wire 30 x 4.2 14 ABS PT+, PTZ+, PTM, PTC
PFC07533 Marker tag- cable 33 x 7.5 9 ABS PTZ+15/25/35
PFC09518 Marker tag- component
18 x 9.5 20 ABS PM24, PS20T
PFC09540 Marker tag- cable 40 x 9.5 8 Polyamid Cable tie
PFC09580 Marker tag- cable 80 x 9.5 4 Polyamid Cable tie
PFC07014 Marker tag- component

14 x 7

25 Polyester Direct marking
PFC12726 Marker tag- component 12.7 x 25.4 9 Polyester Direct marking
PFC45080 Marker tag- component 45 x 80
1 Polyester Direct marking

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Marking tags in credit card size
ABS or Polyamid depending on article.
White or yellow are standard.
For other colours, please contact Partex.
Temperature range
For ABS and PA11 shape permanence from 30°C to +60° (–22°F to +140°F).

Storing temperature +20°C (+68°F).
For adhesive labels properties are defined at room temperature +22°C (72°F).

Temperature resistance in +149°C (300°F) for 24 hours and in –40°C (–40°F) for 3 days.

Humidity resistance 24 hours at 38°C (–40°C) and 100% relative humidity.
Chemical resistance fulfills SP2671.

For the adhesive label variants material is UL recognized and CSA accepted.