Product & ordering information

Artikelnummer Information (MOQ)
MK10-SQUIX-KIT1 Printer MK10-SQUIX, Cutting unit, Software WinSign, Ribbon (MK10-RB-BK510-40) and USB cable 1 pce
MK10-SQUIX-CU Cutting unit (Included in MK10-SQUIX-KIT1) 1 pce
MK-RS Reel stand 1 pce
MK-RS3 Reel stand 1 pce
MK10-RB-BK2020-40¤ Black Ribbon (Typ 2020), width 40mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK2020-80¤ Black Ribbon (Typ 2020), width 80mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK2020-100 Black Ribbon (Typ 2020), width 1000mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK510-40 Black Ribbon (Typ 510), width 40mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK510-55 Black Ribbon (Typ 510), width 55mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK510-83 Black Ribbon (Typ 510), width 83mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BK510-110 Black Ribbon (Typ 510), width 110mm (for PVC-and Zerex products.) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BKFTIM-110 Black Ribbon (FTIM), width 110mm (for EPF) 300m / Roll
MK10-RB-BKHT-70 Black Ribbon (FTIM), width 70mm (for EPF) 300m / Roll

¤=standard size


MK10-SQUIX is a modern thermal transfer printer with a high production speed (up to 300mm/sec).
The printer cover all needs of wire, cable and component marking and is an excellent device for industrial application.
MK10-SQUIX is connected to your computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi module and controlled by Partex software.
It prints on profile direct from reel and semi detaches the marker at wished lengths with the built in cutting unit.
Thermal transfer printing: 300 dpi print resolution.

Printing speed: 300 mm/s.
Temperature range
Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C
To obtain the best printing result, the temperature of the profile shouldn’t be lower then +25°C.

PC connection: USB 2.0 connection and Partex software.
Power supply: 100 - 240V (50-60Hz), FCC class A, CB, CCC, cUL.
Measurements: (WxDxH): 252x288x460 mm.
Weight: 10 Kg.