Article number
EOS1 Printer EOS1, USB cable, powercable
MK10-RB-BK2020-100 Black ribbon (2020), width 100mm (for CMM, CMD, CML, SG, NF, MS, ET,HF,EF)
MK10-RB-BK2020-80 Black ribbon (2020), width 80mm (for CMM, CMD, CML, SG, NF, MS, ET,HF,EF)
MK10-RB-BK2020-60 Black ribbon (2020), width 60mm (for CMM, CMD, CML, SG, NF, MS, ET,HF,EF)
MK10-RB-BK2020-40 Black ribbon (2020), width 40mm (for CMM, CMD, CML, SG, NF, MS, ET,HF,EF)
MK10-RB-BK510-110 Black ribbon (510), width 110mm (for CMT, CMZ, EPL)
MK10-RB-BK510-83 Black ribbon (510), width 83mm (for CMT, CMZ, EPL)
MK10-RB-BK510-55 Black ribbon (510), width 55mm (for CMT, CMZ, EPL)
MK10-RB-BK510-40 Black ribbon (510), width 40mm (for CMT, CMZ, EPL)
MK10-RB-BKFTIM-110 Black ribbon (FTIM), width 110mm (for EPF)
MK10-RB-BKHT-70 Black ribbon (HT), width 70mm (for ET,EF)
MK-RS Reel stand for BN-reels
MK-RS3 Reel stand, mountable


EOS 1 is a small thermal transfer printers
with high production speed.
Thermal transfer printing
300 dpi print resolution.
Temperature range
Operating temperature: +5°C till +40°C
Humidity: 10 - 85 % not condensing
To obtain the best printing result, the
temperature of the profile shouldn’t be lower
then +25°C.
Printing speed
125 mm/s.
PC connection
USB 2.0 connection and Partex software WinSign.
Power supply
100 - 240V (50-60Hz).
Power consumption: max 300 W.
189x322x253mm (H x W x D)
4,0 Kg