Operational policy

  Olika Partexprofiler

The Partex Group works in an international marketplace. We have a unique combination of products and services for identification, markers, and marking systems.

With continuous improvement, based on the markets' requirements, we strive to become the leading company in our market. The “Partex Culture” permeates all we do. Our guidelines are:

Our customers’ needs are the foundations of our business. We strive to exceed their expectations with a high service level and correct deliveries.

We acknowledge our co-workers skills and offer excellent opportunities for individual growth through education and career opportunities. To safeguard that growth we believe strongly in preventive health care. We have high standards, treat one other with respect and work together in order to reach the company’s goals. We havel pride in our profession and joy in our work.

We work for continuous improvement of ourselves as individuals and Partex as a company. We are committed to the organization and all play our part in ensuring the forward development of our company. Within the Partex Group we have the opportunity to boost the quality of our careers and the satisfaction of our working lives.

Our customers can rely on our marking. We provide a safe and secure work environment. We pride ourselves in our forward planning, our risk prevention and our promptness in complying with changes in legislation affecting us. We prioritize renewable resources, avoid hazardous substances, eliminating wastage and loss.