Our popular marking machine ProMark-T800 is now discontinued and will be replaced with a new upgraded version. This new version we call ProMark T-1000 and it is now avaliable in our product range.

For those of you who demand accessories for T-800, we want to announce that it is the same accessories for both T-800 and T-1000, but the article number has been changed.

The new Article number is now:

T1000-RB-BLACK black ribbon 100 m
T1000-RB-WHITE white ribbon 85 m
T1000-CU cutting unit
T1000-TA tube attachment
T1000-TA-CLEAN cleaning kit guide for tube attachment
T1000-PA plate attachment
T1000-PA-CLEAN cleaning kit guide for plate attachment
T1000-TW profile warmer
T1000-TW-CLEAN Cleaning kit guide for the profiles heater
T1000-AF profile feeder
T1000-HC aluminium case
MK-RS3 reel stand